Australian Gambling Number & Trends

Australian gambling is flourishing as an average resident spends nearly $1,150 annually on online pokies and offline games of chance – the country has managed to capture a leading position on this indicator. Therefore, once the statistics on online casino expenses has been shared with the global audience, activists opposing gambling in Australia were inspired for the new actions.

Opposition ranks are represented by church ministers who see particular danger in active gambling spreading. According to the chairman of the Australian Mission Churches, Australia gives too much freedom for gambling enterprises. It is believed that those who are looking to play casino online to get the desired portion of adrenaline in Australia have more options in comparison with other regions, which naturally contributes to the growth in the number of players.

Charles Livingston, gambling industry researcher, claims that Australia is the world’s largest concentration of pokies online. H2 Gambling Capital Company, which summed the amount of gambling expenditure per capita, made ​​another discovery. Reportedly for 2013, the average Aussie spent $520 on gambling fun.

Online casinos Australia vs. USA

However, in accordance with global statistics, the United States is heading the list of gambling spenders as for the total amount spent by the nation. Therefore, Americans have put out one hundred thirty-six billion dollars on gambling activities in 2013, while the total amount spent by Australians equals 30bn. However, it is assumed that, over time, the first place would go to China, as Red Dragon gambling spending tendency keeps on gaining momentum extremely rapidly.

Thus, the government finds itself in a tough position: on the one hand there are urgent requests to limit the gambling activity, but on the other hand, the restrictions would lead to a significant loss of revenue.

Actually, the headache for government consists in lightning-speed development of the industry and the permanent pressure of gambling restrictions adherents; though, there are a few signs that the government will resort to drastic measures, especially given the events of the early 2014.

Gambling ads issue

The association of interactive games and entertainment in Australia submitted a request to the government in order to remove the billboards, execrating gambling and online games with a slogan ‘Gambling starts with games’.

A controversial outdoor banner demonstrates a very young girl with iPad, sitting on the classic casino table covered with green cloth and heaps of playing cards and chips. These banners have been installed as a part of the state social campaign designed to draw attention to the similarity of free social games and gambling projects, encouraging parents to monitor the actions of their children closely. The campaign also included launching a special website to grant parents an opportunity to talk about the potential dangers of online gaming and the development of dependence, which may follow the fad of children and adolescents in other games, including gambling ones.

Despite the subjections of AIGEA, the campaign marched on and no official orders to remove the banners have been made.