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Tax Heaven For Gambling Business – Online Casinos


Gibraltar and Malta are the two European states typically referred to as ‘tax haven’ for gambling, since there virtually no restrictions for relatively solid gambling businesses. Malta was the first country in 2000, settled the law on online gambling. Today this country issues licenses to dozens of online casinos, poker rooms, bookmakers, lottery, etc. Malta and Gibraltar’s popularity among the gaming companies is explainednot only by the absence of licensing drudgery, but also by more than democratic taxation and a savvy system to control the quality of services provided. Players also feel comfortable here, as the country’s reputation allows them to easily trust their money to companies that are licensed in Gibraltar and Malta. For the same reasons, a few countries are popular with gambling companies: Costa Rica, Atigua and Barbuda, Bermuda and the Antilles.

Yet there is another side of the coin. Thus, when selling licenses the Gibraltar Government hereby makes everything so that everything that happens in the world economy influences the economy of Gibraltar directly. After all, such a tight business relationship simply cannot work only in one direction. Offering the opportunity to pay low taxes, Gibraltar has attracted a lot of operators and providers from various countries of the world. They gladly made the choice in its favor mostly for the reasons depicted above. However, when the world of online casinos is stagnating, the Government of Gibraltar feels it with its skin, getting significantly less money on their taxes. The global financial crisis meant that people lost money. Naturally, the casino industry has temporarily lost its positions which resulted in online casinos income volumes decrease. And, of course, they could not pay the same amounts paid before. Gibraltar began to raise tax rates, but it has led to an outflow of customers and searching for the areas with more mild taxation.

Netherlands, France and Italy

These are three countries that are still not adopted legislation to regulate online gambling industry. At the same time, in these countries, the activities of various gambling are legal, even though the law requires changes because it is too controversial and debatable. Governments are trying every possible way to control the activity areas of gambling in the country, but because of the lame state legislation itself often gets into ridiculous situations. According to Nederlandsegokken.nl online casino, a prominent gambling statistics and reviews center running a website of the same name, the situation may change in 2015 with the introduction of a new regulating body. Check the list with casinos approved by Nederlandsegokken reviewers to make the most of your gambling experience

United Kingdom

It is believed that in these countries the best conditions for the development of a gambling busines. In particular, this applies to England, where the population is incredibly interested in gambling and sports betting. The UK legislation on gambling works for the good of the state. By law, the gaming industry is controlled by many independent companies that allows fans making the most of the excitement complete peace of integrity and security of the game for the money, and it is absolutely unimportant, this ground school or online.

Modern German Gambling: A Look From Within

Casino in Germany

The entire gambling industry, including both online and offline forms, is currently on the crest of a wave in Germany, despite all the attempts to put stumbling blocks to hold it firmly. The problem is that there is a huge gap between brick and mortar and online gambling enterprises, especially on a legal level. The State Treaty on gaming regulated clearly the types of games allowed to be played: thus, in licensed and registered casinos the particular games can be played and tournaments organized, but all in all the process should meet the legal guidelines.

The online market, however, is hardly regulated: EU and national regulations collide in every corner, while the gray market continues to grow confidently. In 2010 alone, online casino nederlandsegokken.nl, running one of the most comprehensive online statistics databases on their official website, the unregulated online casino market in Germany was estimated at 3.4 billion euros, with a clear upward trend. This number puts Germany alongside with China and the US among the biggest gambling nations of the world.

Betting and Online Poker

An important reason for this is the many online sports betting, with increasingly popular football betting, generating along around 1.5 billion euros annually. The second driving force of the industry is online poker – this is where Germany is only outperformed by US in terms of playing interest. Classic online casinos with their virtual roulette tables and slot machines complete the multibillion dollar industry. With a mass of money such you’d think the government would have an interest to bring the popular games under the cloak of the law to enjoy the tax money and protect players from plunging into illegal or unsafe activities. But the authorities seem to be far from reality. (more…)